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March 2020 Newsletter - Cybersecurity For Buildings, New BACnet Explorer, Building Analytics Case Studies and more

March 31, 2020

Message from our president - James Lee, CEO Cimetrics, Inc.

Like you, we at Cimetrics are monitoring the news regarding the spread of the Novel Coronavirus and the impact of COVID-19 on our personal and business lives. The Cimetrics team is doing everything it can to maintain continuity of business for our clients, many of whom are considered essential businesses in these difficult times. Please reach out to us by email at if you have any specific concern or questions.

Cybersecurity for Buildings with Secured By Cimetrics

As building control and automation systems rapidly adopt IP (Internet Protocol) as the defacto networking technology for devices and systems, they are increasingly being scrutinized by IT and cybersecurity departments as a potential attack vector for cyber breaches. Building control and automation systems are made up of complex networks of interconnected devices that manage a variety of electro-mechanical building services including the indoor environment, physical security, and people movers to name a few. These systems and services, in addition to a growing number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices that monitor, analyze, and optimize peripheral systems, are designed to work in tandem to improve comfort, general safety, and productivity. Read more

Product Spotlight - New BACnet Explorer of the new version 7.2 include:

- Writable properties including BACnet Elevator objects (Elevator Group, Lift, and Escalator) are supported;

- Similar objects are now grouped together for easier view;

- Find references to other objects within objects; access referenced properties and go back to original ones. Download Explorer here

BACnet User Group Event in New England

If you work with BACnet and live in New England areas please attend our next free BACnet User Group meeting supported by BACnet International. It will be on Wednesday, May 13, 2020, at Donohue's Bar and Grill in Watertown, MA. Learn More.

Our presenters will be:
Dan Quigley
BACnet User Group Dan Quigley - Assistant Director of Building Automation at Boston University
Assistant Director of Building Automation at Boston University

Topic: "Managing a BACnet Campus".
Dan will talk about the complex nature of a multi-vendor campus and utilizing the BACnet protocol to simplify management.

Jim Lee
BACnet User Group - Jim Lee - Cimetrics Founder & CEO
Cimetrics Founder & CEO

Topic: "Cybersecurity comes to Building Automation".
Jim Lee will discuss how the building owners, facility managers, and building integrators can address Building Cybersecurity concerns which are overlooked by BACnet/SC

If you don't live in the New England area we will be posting videos online. Check out videos from previous events.

Analytika Case Study - Ivy League University saves $315,000 in annual energy costs

This Ivy League University (“ILU”) is composed of more than 150 buildings. The campus includes classrooms, dormitories, laboratories, libraries, museums, arenas, and administrative offices. More than 7,000 students are currently enrolled.

ILU’s environmental sustainability goals include a holistic approach for research, education, and financial considerations while minimizing environmental impacts. To this end, ILU was interested in implementing energy conservation measures and technologies, which help achieve sustainability goals while taking into account ILU’s specific needs.

Energy Savings Financial Summary:

• Total energy savings: $315,000 (annual)

• Simple payback: 0.23 years

• Net present value: $655,546

• Other operational benefits Learn More

March CyberSecurity News
New DoD Cybersecurity Certification, Cybersecurity during Coronavirus, 4 Coronavirus Strategies Facilities Managers Should Be Doing Now, Deep learning in Cybersecurity and more. Read More.





Topic: "Managing a BACnet 





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