Cimetrics has supplied M2M networking products to the automation industries since 1991. Since the BACnet standard was first published in 1995, Cimetrics has been deeply involved in BACnet's ongoing development and promotion. We co-founded the BACnet Manufacturers Association (now BACnet International), and we launched the BACnet Testing Laboratories. Our BACnet-related products have been utilized by many manufacturers of building automation systems and equipment worldwide.

Cimetrics offers a broad line of BACnet hardware and software products. Our software offerings include BACstac™, the leading third-party BACnet protocol stack, which is embedded in many BACnet-compliant products. We also offer BACnet network interface products, BACnet routers, and software tools used by product developers and systems integrators.

We have many years of practical experience collecting real-time data from a wide range of networked building automation systems, industrial automation systems, and metering systems. Using this knowledge, we offer consulting services to building owners operating complex automation systems that need reliable, secure networks.