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Cimetrics has been a key contributor to the success of the BACnet protocol since 1994, and this commitment is reflected in the quality and reputation of our BACnet products.

The Cimetrics BACstac is the leading 3rd party BACnet protocol stack (SDK) with a customer list that includes many well-known brands in the HVAC, lighting control and physical access control industries world wide.  Our first BACstac license was sold in 1996 , and we continue to update our BACstac products as the BACnet standard evolves.  Our state-of-the-art implementation is designed for use in Windows and Linux based workstations, servers, and gateways, as well as in embedded controllers.  We pride ourselves on supplying a solution which is compatible with MANY versions of the Windows OS (including 64-bit versions) and Linux.  The BACstac has also been ported to several 32-bit embedded operating systems by our customers.

Products such as our BAS-o-matic protocol analyzer and our BACnet Explorer have become industry standards for developing or troubleshooting BACnet products. Our BACnet OPC Server, B6000 Router, and BR2 Routers are just a few examples of integration products known for their ease of installation and reliable operation.

Check which BACstac is right for you. BACstac comparison chart:

BACstac Comparison Chart