Services for Building Owners


Cimetrics has been been providing services to owners of large and complex facilities since 1996.  Our primary areas of expertise are HVAC system performance analysis, BACnet communication, and metering systems.

Analytical Services for Ongoing Commissioning of Facilities and Processes

Our observation that the performance of HVAC systems in existing commercial buildings could be significantly improved motivated us to develop a technology-enabled ongoing commissioning service for buildings. This service, which has been sold under the Analytika brand, is widely recognized to be the most technologically advanced commercial application of "big data" analytics for building HVAC systems. Analytika customers include well-known universities, pharmaceutical and automobile manufacturing companies, and large government organizations.

Analytika is a family of analytics products and services that utilizing our extensive experience working with large commercial, institutional and industrial customers.  Click here to learn more about Analytika.

Networked Systems Consulting

Cimetrics also works with large organizations to help them design and maintain their networked control and monitoring systems. Our BACnet expertise is particularly valued by organizations that are operating large, complex multi-vendor building automation systems.  We work with our customers' staff and vendors to improve the performance, reliability and security of their networked systems.

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