BACnet Routers Firewalls

BACnet segmentation has become a serious problem for many integrators designing BACnet unsecure networks and BACnet Secure Connect networks.

  • Our Cimetrics B3075/B3071/B3070 BACnet/IP to BACnet/IP routers can easily and securely route between 2 different BACnet/IP networks (a Private network and the Customer’s IT network). The B3075/3071 solves tough BACnet/IP segmentation problems that integrators face in the field:
    • IT does not want the BACnet/IP devices on the Company’s IT network.
    • IT departments do not give enough fixed addresses for a particular job.
    • There are multiple BMS vendors on a site that need to communicate with each other.
    • There are legacy devices on a job and the IP addresses and subnets cannot be changed.


  • Secured by Cimetrics SbC 3100/3200 Firewall/Routers enable integrators to deploy BACnet Secure Connect systems with enhanced security and diagnostics.
    • Segments BACnet MS/TP & BACnet/IP unsecured networks from BACnet/SC secured networks.
    • Using a BACnet/SC Firewall engine in the Secure Connect router, unauthorized messages are filtered and blocked from going on to BACnet/SC network.
    • Logs real time events such as Firewall actions on the Secure Connect router and delivers them to IT security tools (SEIM, like Splunk). The logs are also sent to the Secured by Cimetrics SBC4000 Appliance (BACnet/SC management platform) and used for diagnosing problems on the BACnet/SC network.