BACnet Metering Gateways

Cimetrics works with utility meters and submeters every day.

Based on our field experience, we have developed one of the EASIEST TO INSTALL meter interfaces on the market today.  If you have an electric, gas, steam, or water meter that is able to output data via Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP, then we probably have a pre-made template that converts your meter's data to BACnet/IP.  We also have a product for pulse meters.

Mappings for MANY of the most popular power, energy and flow meters are built into our B6030 and B6035 devices so that all you have do is select from a drop-down menu to activate the proper conversion of your meter's Modbus data registers to BACnet.  An example of our extensive list of meters supported is shown on the product pages.  As many as 40 parameters from each meter are converted to standard BACnet objects.  One Cimetrics B6030 device can convert the data from as many as four Modbus RTU or Modbus-TCP meters to BACnet/IP, and the Cimetrics B6035 can support as many as 99 Modbus-TCP meters.

If you have meters with pulse outputs, one Cimetrics B6070 device can convert the pulse data streams from as many as four pulse-output meters to standard BACnet objects.

This is the easiest and most reliable way to get meter data into your BACnet-based control system!