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The Cimetrics BACstac is the leading 3rd party BACnet protocol stack (SDK) with a customer list that includes many well-known brands in the HVAC, lighting control and physical access control industries world wide.

The Cimetrics BACnet Stack saves man-years of development when your company needs to create a BACnet solution!

Our software team has created a set of BACnet libraries which greatly simplify the task of interfacing to BACnet. Even the largest companies in the HVAC industry use our code because it is a very complex and time-consuming task keeping up with the ongoing changes that are taking place in the BACnet committees. For example, many hundreds of protocol modifications, requirements, and enhancements have taken place in just the past year. This typically saves man-years of software developer time EVERY YEAR!!   

BACstac Comparison Chart:

BACstac Comparison Chart