• The Cimetrics BACstac (BACnet protocol stack) saves man-years of development when your company needs to create a BACnet solution for Linux OS.

    Implementation of the BACnet standard is a challenging assignment for even the most skilled computer programmers. The differences between BACnet and traditional IT protocols can lead to a significant learning curve when starting from scratch.

    Our software team has created a set of BACnet libraries that greatly simplifies the task of creating BACnet-compliant products.  Even the largest companies in the HVAC industry use our code because it is a very complex and time-consuming task keeping up with the ongoing changes that are taking place in the BACnet standard.  Numerous BACstac-based products are now BTL listed.

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    This is a BACnet protocol stack, a BACnet development kit designed for the creation of BACnet-compliant applications, a wide range of BACnet devices on a vast variety of hardware platforms, from supercomputers to embedded and single-board systems. It supports BACnet routing functionality and the creation of multi-device gateways.

    BACstac 7.7 supports all required functionality of BACnet Protocol Revision 20 for all BACnet profiles. 

    New! Added support for Addendum 2016bi functionality, which includes the Audit Log and Audit Reporting object types, 64-bit Position and Sequence Number in ReadRange requests and responses, support new Audit-related BACnet services (Confirmed and Unconfirmed Audit Notifications and Audit Log Query). Added support for Addendum bd functionality (Staging object type).

    Most optional functionality is also supported with the following exceptions:

    - Virtual Terminal services (Chapter 17).
    - Slave Proxy functionality (DM-SP-B).
    - BACnet Web Services.

    * Network Security has been removed in BACnet 2020

    Supports following profiles: B-XAWS, B-AWS, B-OWS, B-OD, B-ALSWS, B-LSWS, B-LSAP, B-AACWS, B-ACWS, B-ACSD, B-BC, B-AAC, B-ASC, B-SA, B-SS, B-ALSC, B-LSC, B-AACC, B-ACC, B-RTR, B-GW, B-BBMD, B-ACDC, and B-ACCR.

    Data links: BACnet/SC, Ethernet, IPv4, IPv6, MS/TP.

    BACnet routing: This product supports BACnet routing functionality and the creation of multi-device gateways.

    Operating system requirements: Linux 2.6.16 or later, glibc 2.12 or later, GCC 4.1 or later.

    Ready packages: Debian 10, 11 and Ubuntu 20.04, 22.04. For the other Linux distributions, you can build from the source package.

    Code provided: Example programs, unit tests, makefiles for both, and complete C-language source code.

    Documentation provided: User's Guide and Programmers Reference.

    Customers that want to develop a BACnet-compliant device that will run on Microsoft Windows should also consider the B1091 BACnet Software for Windows (source code).

    * NOTE: BACstac v7.7 supports the following object types: Analog Input, Analog Output, Analog Value, Averaging, Audit Log, Audit Reporting, Binary Input, Binary Output, Binary Value, Calendar, Command, Device, Escalator Group, Elevator-Group, Event Enrollment, File, Group, Life Safety Point, Life Safety Zone, Lift, Loop, Multi-state Input, Multi-state Output, Multi-state Value, Notification Class, Program, Pulse Converter, Schedule, Trend Log, Access Door, Event Log, Load Control, Structured View, Trend Log Multiple, Access Point, Access Zone, Access User, Access Rights, Access Credential, Credential Data Input, CharacterString Value, DateTime Value, Large Analog Value, BitString Value, OctetString Value, Time Value, Integer Value, Positive Integer Value, Date Value, DateTime Pattern Value, Time Pattern Value, Date Pattern Value, Network Security, Global Group, Notification Forwarder, Alert Enrollment, Channel, Lighting Output, Binary Lighting Output, Network Port, Elevator Group, Lift, Escalator, Accumulator, Network Security, Timer, Staging.

    Services supported: 
    Alarm and Event Services - Acknowledge-Alarm, Confirmed-Cov-Notification, Confirmed-Cov-Notification-Multiple, Confirmed-Audit-Notification, Unconfirmed-Audit-Notifications, Audit-Log-Query, Confirmed-Event-Notification, Get-Alarm-Summary, Get-Enrollment-Summary, Get-Event-Information, Life-Safety-Operation, Subscribe-Cov, Subscribe-Cov-Property, Subscribe-Cov-Property-Multiple,
    File Access Services - Atomic-Read-File, Atomic-Write-File,
    Object Access Services - Add-List-Element, Remove-List-Element, Create-Object, Delete-Object, Read-Property, Read-Property-Multiple, Read-Range, Write-Property, Write-Property-Multiple,
    Remote Device Management Services - Device-Communication-Control, Confirmed-Private-Transfer, Confirmed-Text-Message, Reinitialize-Device,
    Unconfirmed Services - I-Am, I-Have, Unconfirmed-Cov-Notification, Unconfirmed-Event-Notification, Unconfirmed-Private-Transfer, Unconfirmed-Text-Message, Time-Synchronization, Who-Has, Who-Is, Utc-Time-Synchronization, Write-Group, Unconfirmed-Cov-Notification-Multiple 

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    BACnet Protocol Stack

    More than 1000 manufacturers are registered members of the BACnet community.  This group includes prestigious companies like Siemens, Honeywell, Secom, JVCTrane, KMC Controls, LG ElectronicsPriva, Loytec, Matsushita, Matrikon, Mitsubishi, Samsung, Sauter, Trend, Wago, and many more.

    ALL of these companies mentioned using the Cimetrics BACstac!

    Use the BACstac to create BACnet-compliant products for HVAC control, lighting control, physical access control and alarm systems.

  • The following documents are available to customers upon request:

    Programmers Reference for all versions