Our Technology

Since our first products were released in 1991, Cimetrics has earned its reputation as a technology innovator in M2M networking software and in analytics for building systems.

We were one of the prime movers in establishing BACnet as the dominant open network protocol for building automation systems, leading to our selection as the company to establish the BACnet Testing Laboratories in 2000.  Our BACnet software is found in many other companies' control and monitoring products, and we continue to provide standards leadership as BACnet evolves.

Our observation that the performance of HVAC systems in existing commercial buildings could be significantly improved using data from building automation systems motivated us to develop a technology-enabled service for building owners.  This service, which has been sold under the Infometrics brand, is widely recognized to be the most technologically advanced application of "big data" analytics for building automation systems.  We leverage our deep knowledge of BACnet and other protocols to collect data from a wide range of building and industrial automation systems.

Analytika is our new family of analytical products and services, building on the technology developed for Infometrics to improve the performance of industrial processes, central utility plants and building systems.  Please contact us to discuss how Cimetrics analytical technology could be applied to your industry.