Web Services

Web services technology has become the most popular method for integrating enterprise computing applications with building automation and control systems.  Cimetrics currently offers two gateway products that allow enerprise applications, acting as web services clients, to access some data within BACnet-based building control systems.  These products are intended to make integration easier for application programmers who are familiar with web services APIs in programming languages such as VBA, Visual C#, Python and Java.  There is no need to use a BACnet protocol stack within the enterprise application.

In addition to the standard SOAP/XML interface defined in the BACnet standard, these Cimetrics products offer a simple REST-style API (BACrestTM) for reading and writing BACnet properties, with the result returned as XML.

Both products have two Ethernet ports, one for connection to the enterprise network and one for connection to the BACnet network.  This means that there is no need to directly connect the building automation network to the enterprise network.