• A BBMD relays BACnet/IP broadcast messages within a BACnet/IP network that spans multiple IP subnets.

    Does what it is supposed to do...  easy web-based setup and great compatibility.

    Customers say..."Cimetrics integration products helped us get our BACnet system working."

    Manage the flow of BACnet/IP broadcast messages within a BACnet/IP network that spans multiple IP subnets 


    A BBMD is a "BACnet/IP Broadcast Management Device" and is used to distribute BACnet broadcast messages throughout a BACnet/IP network consisting of interconnected TCP/IP sub-networks. A BBMD forwards BACnet/IP broadcast messages sent by devices connected to its subnet to peer BBMDs. Upon arrival at a destination BBMD, the message is then re-broadcast on that subnet. BACnet/IP broadcast messages are also sent to registered BACnet/IP Foreign Devices.

    The B3060 BBMD functions only as a BBMD. It does not perform BACnet routing, and it is not designed for use with network address translation (NAT).
    The B3060 is optimized for high bandwidth usage due to its 32-bit embedded Linux-based OS and our BACstac/32TM protocol stack. This BACnet software is extremely robust and is the leading third party BACnet software used in thousands of devices from prominent BAS industry manufacturers.

    The BBMD uses two Ethernet ports—one for the connection to a BACnet/IP network and one dedicated port for configuration. It is easily configured via web pages. The router is housed in a metal case and is powered by a 12 VDC external power supply.

    You can save the BBMD’s configuration in an offline file and reload it later as needed. The status page provides valuable tools for troubleshooting—you can see network traffic statistics, communication and interface statuses. The BBMD can also be configured to capture received BACnet/IP packets.

  • Specification:

    • Power Adapter Input: 100—240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
    • Storage Temperature: -20 to 85 C
    • Power consumption: Less than 10 W @ 12 VDC typical
    • Weight: 1.6 kg excluding power adapter
    • Dimensions: 185(W) * 170(D) * 50(H) mm
    • BACnet/IP Network Port: 1000Base-T Ethernet:
    • Approvals: FCC Class A, CE

    BACnet Details:

    • BACnet Protocol Revision 14
    • BBMD and FD (Foreign Device) support
    • BACnet/IP


  • Manage the flow of BACnet/IP broadcast messages within a BACnet/IP network that spans multiple IP subnets!

    The BACnet protocol utilizes broadcast messages for certain functions, such as the discovery of BACnet devices. Also, BACnet networks and routes are discovered using broadcasts. 

    Internet (or TCP/IP) Routers join IP networks together so messages from one network can be sent to another. If your BACnet devices are interconnected via IP routers then BACnet/IP broadcast messages will normally be blocked by the IP router.

    To solve this problem BACnet defined a device called a “BBMD” (BACnet/IP Broadcast Management Device). Cimetrics developed a stand-alone high-performance BBMD device which serves just this one purpose.

    The B3060 BBMD directly forwards a BACnet broadcast message initiated by a BACnet/IP device on its subnet to other BBMDs in accordance with its configuration. Upon arrival at a destination subnet, the message is then broadcast on that subnet by a peer BBMD. The B3060 also works with BBMD devices from other vendors. Any BACnet device on another subnet can register with the BBMD as a Foreign Device, if that configuration option is enabled. A registered Foreign Device becomes a member of the BACnet/IP network and will receive forwarded broadcast messages from the BBMD when they are available and can request that messages be broadcast by the BBMD on its behalf.

    BBMDs that are accessible from the Internet are prime targets for hackers. Please practice good cyber hygiene!