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Cybersecurity Recap March 2020

March 25, 2020

Curated cybersecurity news

summary for facility management professional, building owners and IT professionals who are interested in building security and Facility IT.


Commission Delivers U.S. Cybersecurity Roadmap

In the midst of our growing COVID-19 pandemic crisis, a major new U.S. cybersecurity strategy was released by a bipartisan commission on March 11, 2020.  This ground-breaking report outlines a strategy to fundamentally reshape the U.S.’s approach to cybersecurity and prepare for resiliency and response before a major cyber incident occurs. Learn More

Coronavirus: You don’t get a pass when it comes to cybersecurity

On the surface, COVID-19 reminds us that what we don’t know can hurt us. Until a vaccination is developed and distributed, we can do little more than wash our hands, avoid those infected and stay away from major public gatherings…effectively hoping that preventative actions like this will keep us safe.

In the world of cybersecurity, we’ve seen that prevention is a broken model. When a network virus spreads without symptoms or other known indicators of compromise, it evades oblivious AV systems and firewall rules and the digital corollary is only detected once it’s too late and criminal symptoms manifest. By then, the infection has metastasized into business-disrupting or financially punishing events. Learn More.

How Blockchain Can Transform Cybersecurity?

The combination of block-building algorithms and hashing makes blockchain a great solution in the cybersecurity portfolio. It enhances the data security during transactions of any value which are being processed in the distributed network. Blockchain is changing the cybersecurity solution in several ways. Learn More

NERC updates may force utility companies into better cybersecurity

Hopefully, these new rules are the “burning bridge” that get electrical utilities moving toward full implementations of cybersecurity programs that include all the contemporary best practices that NIST and other standards expect. It may be a race to the finish, but once implemented, these regulations will make sure electrical utilities are safer from cyber threats, especially ones brought in by third parties. Read More

INSIGHT: New DoD Cybersecurity Certification Holds Key to Contracts

New Department of Defense cybersecurity certification will represent contractors’ ticket to get into the game, Baker Donelson attorneys write. Without that ticket, contractors will not have a chance to compete for and win DoD contracts. Read More

4 Coronavirus Strategies Facilities Managers Should Be Doing Now

 Are you prepared? Here are some steps all facilities managers should consider. Ask yourself: Is your organization prepared for these situations? To be sure, here are some important guidelines for pandemic response management. Read More

Pioneering deep learning in the cyber security space: the new standard?

The use of deep learning in the cyber security space is an emerging trend. But, it has the potential to transform a security model that is currently broken, by predicting new attacks before they’ve breached an organisation’s network or device. Read More

NIH taking ‘people-centric’ approach to cybersecurity through Optimize program

The Department of Health and Human Services’ employees protect the personally identifiable information of more than 100 million people, and as one of the largest bureaucracies in the federal government, must defend a sprawling network against a growing number of intrusion attempts.

The National Institutes of Health, however, is taking a “people-centric approach” to this cybersecurity challenge, Jothi Dugar, the chief information security officer of NIH’s Center for Information Technology, said in an interview with Federal News Network. That approach, she said, exists as the central theme of the agency’s new Optimize IT Security initiative, which views NIH’s workforce as its greatest asset – not its greatest liability – in combatting cyber threats. Read More

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