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  • The Cimetrics BACstac/DN 2.1 (BACnet Protocol Stack saves man-years of development when your company needs to create a BACnet solution for Microsoft .NET 6!

    The BACnet standard is a 1000 page book that is a challenging assignment for even the most skilled computer programmers.  There are concepts in the HVAC and BUILDINGS INFRASTRUCTURE world that are just not taught in computer school.  These differences between BACnet and traditional IT protocols can lead to a significant learning curve when starting from scratch.

    Our software team has created a set of BACnet libraries for Microsoft .NET 6 which greatly simplifies the task of interfacing to BACnet. Even the largest companies in the HVAC industry use our code because it is a very complex and time consuming task keeping up with the ongoing changes that are taking place in the BACnet committees. For example, many hundreds of protocol modifications, requirements, and enhancements have taken place in just the past year!

    And then there is Microsoft...  everyone knows that the number of operating systems released by Microsoft has increased dramatically.  If you sell applications that combine a PC using the Windows OS and BACnet then you will need to do extensive testing on Win XP, Vista, Win 7, Server 2003, Server 2008, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Server 2008 R2 and 32 bit vs. 64 bit as well as on Linux!   By purchasing the Cimetrics BACstac solution, we do the compatibility coding and testing!  This typically saves man-years of software developer time EVERY YEAR !

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    BACstac/DN is a BACnet protocol stack designed for the development of BACnet-compliant Windows applications that run on the Microsoft .NET 6. It was designed for the development of managed code applications and has ready examples of projects for Microsoft Visual Studio.

    Our software team has created a BACnet library for Microsoft .NET 6 that greatly simplifies the task of developing BACnet-compliant applications. Many Building Automation and Controls manufacturers use a Cimetrics BACstac protocol stack because of our reputation for delivering high-quality software and excellent technical support. Cimetrics does the heavy lifting of testing the BACstac with all of the latest Microsoft operating systems and implementing the new Addenda approved by the BACnet Committee in a timely fashion.

    This release of BACstac/DN 2 supports all required functionality of BACnet 2016 (revision 19). It also supports most optional functionality except Virtual Terminal services (Clause 17) and Virtual Devices.

    This release has added support of the following addenda:
    * Addendum 135-2012bk (range of BACnetPropertyIdentifier)
    * Addendum 135-2012by (remove Network Security)
    * Addendum 135-2012cc (Add Network Port Objects properties to BACnet/SC  port. Partial support - can read and write to properties of other devices)

    BACstac/DN is designed to facilitate the development of BACnet-compliant operator workstations and operator displays -B-OWS, B-XAWS, B-AWS, B-OWS, B-OD, B-ALSWS, B-LSWS, B-LSAP, B-AACWS, B-ACWS, B-ACSD, B-BC, B-AAC, B ASC, B-SA, B-SS, B-ALSC, B-LSC, B-AACC, B-ACC, B-BBMD, B-ACDC, AE-N-A, AE-ACK-A, AE-ASUM-A, AE-ESUM-A, DS-COV-A, DM-LM-A and B-ACCR profiles. 

    Data links: BACnet/SC, BACnet/IP with Foreign Device and BBMD support, BACnet/Ethernet using the WinPCap driver.

    BACnet/SC: Supported - NEW.

    Add support of Linux with ready packages for Debian and Ubuntu - NEW

    Operating systems supported: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019. both 32-bit and 64-bit are supported on the x86 architecture, Linux with ready packages for Debian and Ubuntu.

    Development environment supported: Microsoft Visual 2008 or later.

    Code provided: Dynamic-link library (DLL), the BACstac service (a Windows service), and example programs (provided as source code written in C#)

    Supported services: AtomicReadFile, AtomicWriteFile, ReadProperty, ReadPropertyMultiple, WriteProperty, WritePropertyMultiple, ReadRange, Device Communication Control, Time Synchronization, UTC Time Synchronization, ReinitializeDevice, AddListElement, RemoveListElement, CreateObject, DeleteObject, SubscribeCOV, SubscribeCOVProperty, ConfirmedCOVNotification, ConfirmedCOVNotificationMultiple, ConfirmedEventNotification, UnconfirmedCOVNotification, UnconfirmedCOVNotificationMultiple,  SubscribeCOVPropertyMultiple, I-Am, I-Have, Who-Has, Who-Is, AcknowledgeAlarm, GetAlarmSummary, GetEnrollmentSummary, GetEventInformation, LifeSafetyOperation, ConfirmedPrivateTransfer, UnconfirmedEventNotification. UnconfirmedPrivateTransfer, ConfirmedTextMessage, UnconfirmedTextMessage, WriteGroup

    Documentation provided: User's Guide and Programmers Reference.

    If you would like a version without source code, please consider the following product: B1070 BACnet/DN software for Windows Microsoft .NET 6.

    * The following BACnet object types are supported: AccessCredential, AccessDoor, AccessPoint, AccessRights, AccessUser, AccessZone, Accumulator, AlertEnrollment, AnalogInput, AnalogOutput, AnalogValue, Averaging, BinaryInput, BinaryLightingOutput, BinaryOutput, BinaryValue, BitStringValue, Calendar, Channel, CharacterstringValue, Command, CredentialDataInput, DatePatternValue, DateTimePatternValue, DateTimeValue, DateValue, Device, ElevatorGroup, Escalator, EventEnrollment, EventLog, File, GlobalGroup, Group, IntegerValue, LargeAnalogValue, LifeSafetyPoint, LifeSafetyZone, Lift, LightingOutput, LoadControl, Loop, MultiStateInput, MultiStateOutput, MultiStateValue, NetworkPort, NetworkSecurity, NotificationClass, NotificationForwarder, OctetStringValue, PositiveIntegerValue, Program, PulseConverter, Schedule, StructuredView, TimePatternValue, Timer, TimeValue, TrendLog, TrendLogMultiple.

  • Join the BACnet Global Community!

    BACnet Development Kit

    More than 150 manufacturers are registered members of the BACnet community.  This group includes prestigious companies like SiemensHoneywellSecomJVCTraneKMC ControlsLG ElectronicsPrivaLoytec, Matsushita, Matrikon, Mitsubishi, Samsung, Sauter, Trend, Wago, and many more.

    ALL of these companies mentioned using the Cimetrics BACstac!

    Our role in the industry is to keep these well-known companies UP-TO-DATE with the latest BACnet features and to make sure that this code is compatible with the ENDLESS Windows changes.

  • pdf icon BACstac/DN Data Sheet v2.1
    pdf icon BACnet PICS for BACstac/DN v2.1
    Programmers Reference
    User Guide