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June 2020 News

June 30, 2020

Cimetrics Guidelines for COVID-19 Response.

Cimetrics developed a document to summarize current recommendations in the United States from ASHRAE and CDC related to air distribution systems, quantify the financial and operational impact of those recommendations, and demonstrate how building analytics can be used to facilitate decision-making and operational management. This document will be revised as recommendations are updated and new technology is developed and tested. Learn more

Download COVID guideness

ASHRAE's 2020 Virtual Conference this week

ASHRAE will hold a virtual summer conference this year. Presenting business meetings, technical programs, and Society updates – all in a virtual format. Now more than ever, we need ASHRAE's technical content. That is why ASHRAE is offering timely, relevant content at a significantly reduced price.

ASHRAE Virtual Conference

    Services for Product Developers

    Design BACnet into your product, easily and at a reasonable cost. By working with Cimetrics, you will have access to our considerable networking expertise, reducing development time, cost, and risk, while freeing your development resources for other projects.

    Every product shown on our website can be customized to suit your requirements. Learn More

    Building a BACNet product


    MondayLive - Uncovering the new normal in smart buildings

    Check out past shows with a live weekly open conversation with industry leaders to help us get through the pandemic and prepare for a new normal for commercial buildings post-COVID. June's discussions were:
    - the future business models for building automation, From SaaS to managed services;
    - best practices and new business models for the BAS industry;
    - repurposing buildings post-COVID and more...

    Mondays at 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm EST

    Join live at or add to your calendar.

    Learn more and take a look at the latest talk.



    June CyberSecurity News

    Long-Term effects of COVID-19 on the Cybersecurity Industry, Cybersecurity Concerns about autonomous vehicles, Five Cybersecurity Books everyone should read and more... Read More

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