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Cybersecurity Recap June 2020

June 23, 2020

Curated cybersecurity news

summary for facility management professional, building owners and IT professionals who are interested in building security and Facility IT.


Long-Term Effects of COVID-19 on the Cybersecurity Industry

The maelstrom of change we're going through presents a unique opportunity to become enablers. In summary, while the long-term COVID-19 outlook and what it means for the world is unpredictable, this, in fact, leads to clear security advice that we can all start with today: Be more flexible. Learn More

Democratic Senators Raise Cybersecurity Concerns About Autonomous Vehicles

Two key senators are pushing to enhance cybersecurity protections for autonomous vehicles absent a comprehensive policy proposal about the technology in Congress.

The senators, members of the Commerce Committee with jurisdiction over trucking policy, recently pressed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for input about efforts to promote safety across industries proceeding with autonomous technologies. Learn More.

Microsoft doubles down on IoT cybersecurity with CyberX acquisition

Microsoft announced it is buying CyberX, developer of a platform to protect industrial control systems. Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed, but TechCrunch reports it’s around $165 million. The acquisition shores up Microsoft’s strategic positioning in the autonomous systems market, which it entered in 2018 with its purchase of Bonsai (now Project Bonsai). The Project Bonsai team applies AI to industrial control systems across markets, and CyberX’s technology promises to shield those control systems from cyberattacks. Learn More

Cyber Daily: Five Cybersecurity Books That Everyone Should—and Can—Read

Cybersecurity is a topic that affects billions of people, yet its technical difficulty often stops the average person from developing a deeper knowledge of its themes and events.

Here are several books recommended by cybersecurity experts that cover important topics in the field—but that are still accessible for nonexperts. Read More

Government groups work together to mitigate cybersecurity risks in solar development

The National Association of State Energy Officials and the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners have launched a new partnership to mitigate cybersecurity risks and consequences in solar energy developments. With support from the United States Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office, the project will leverage state, federal and private-sector expertise on cybersecurity, grid and photovoltaics to identify model solar-cybersecurity programs and actions for states to take in partnership with utilities and the solar industry. Read More

Cybersecurity and the Boardroom: What's Next in the Post-COVID Economy

At many companies, corporate boards hold the keys to cybersecurity spending in a post-pandemic world. Today, with the rise in cybercrime, CISOs and other security executives need to communicate the value of cybersecurity to business continuity and corporate reputation to convince the board that now is the time to invest more – not less – in this area, from staff to technology. Read More

Cybersecurity Expert Discusses DOD's Role in National Security

The Defense Department is involved in its own cybersecurity efforts at every level, and DOD also assists other government agencies, the intelligence community and international partners, the deputy assistant secretary of defense for cyber policy saidRead More

Air Force Space Accelerator Will Nurture Tech Startups Focused on Cybersecurity

The Air Force Space Accelerator Program has opened the competition for its latest cohort of tech startups, offering to nurture a handful of new companies working on breakthrough technologies—in this case to address the problem of cybersecurity in the space sectorRead More

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