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      • Design BACnet into your product, easily and at a reasonable cost. By working with Cimetrics, you will have access to our considerable networking expertise, reducing development time, cost, and risk, while freeing your development resources for other projects.

        Every product shown on our website can be customized to suit your requirements. Browse our product catalog and then contact Albert Putnam - Vice President of Technology Operations at support@cimetrics.com or call +1 617-350-7550.

        As a customer you will benefit from:
        •    Access to proven technology, to realize your customized solutions without a large investment
        •    Reduced time-to-market driven by an optimized R&D effort
        •    Lifelong care for custom products and solutions, freeing your people to focus on core activities

        For every OEM order we create customer-specific templates, custom defaults or custom programming (where applicable) and change the name of the product to match customer needs.

        We offer several levels of customizations:

        Rapid deployment – minimum changes: 
        - Customer’s logo ;
        - Customer’s BACnet Vendor ID ;
        - Provision of text and image snippets for incorporation into customer's product documentation ;
        - Custom values for the OEM default configuration (e.g. Modbus ID at 1, serial communication at 9600 baud 8N1) ;
        - Customer-specified default IP address for setup (e.g.10.x.y.x instead of ;

        OEM custom services:
        - Reduction of options available to a user in web GUI (to make setup less prone to user error and simplify documentation and support) ;
        - Different numbers of BACnet objects per device than the standard 40 objects;
        - Change from two meters with possibly different templates to four meters with only a single, forty object loadable template ;
        - Changes to control objects ;
        - Special reset button features ;
        - Different flow control pin architecture ;
        - BACrest (REST-style web services) incorporation ;
        - large/special .csv logs ;
        - changes to the web GUI layout and arrangement ;

        OEM custom engineering – substantial changes:
        - Changes to BACnet core support (e.g. proprietary objects and services) ;
        - Special XPort hardware IO ;
        - XML REST schema ;
        - E-mail notification ;
        - SMS notification ;
        - DNS (name) or NTS (time) services ;
        - DHCP and automatic discovery ;
        - XML push to cloud services ;
        - Special security measures ;
        - Special field firmware load systematics ;
        - GIS/location systems (IoT structures) ;
        - Non-standard Modbus casts (like 3-register composites or unusual floating point formats) ;
        - Augmentations to status logging system ;

      • B6001 - BACnet/IP to MS/TP Router - Module

        B6031 - BACnet/IP to 4 ch. Energy Meter - Module

        B6131 - BACnet Interface to Modbus Devices - Module

        T6131 - IoT (Internet of Things) Interface to Modbus Devices - Module