• The Cimetrics EasyBAC is a BACnet gateway for microprocessors. EasyBAC saves you significant development time - you need to add minimal code to your product to make it a BACnet/IP Device.

    EasyBAC provides BACnet code by the creators of the industry’s leading BACnet OEM protocol stack (BACstac).

    EasyBAC provides a framework which performs BACnet processing on behalf of a microprocessor.

    The framework's primary tasks are:

    • Maintain the Object Database containing data representing BACnet objects and properties that should be exposed to the BACnet network.
    • Execute and initiate BACnet service requests.
    • Provide a link between the microprocessor and properties in the BACnet Object Database that represent physical inputs/outputs.

    BACnet device exposed to the BACnet network implements the following BIBBs:

    • DS-RP-B
    • DS-WP-B
    • DM-DDB-B

    This matches BACnet B-ASC profile without support for Who-Has/I-Have and DCC.

    BACnet Object Database is created by the EasyBAC based on the configuration downloaded in advance and saved to the EasyBAC's flash memory. This configuration is created and downloaded over Ethernet using a special PC-based configuration tool. Some of the parameters (such as device's IP address or value of the Device Object_Identifier property) are unknown until deployment and are configured in the field over the Web using the EasyBAC's built-in Web server.

    Communication between EasyBAC and the microprocessor is performed using custom protocol over an RS-232 link.

    BACnet Object Types Supported

    • Device
    • Analog Input
    • Analog Output
    • Analog Value
    • Binary Input
    • Binary Output
    • Binary Value
    • Multi-state Input
    • Multi-state Output
    • Multi-state Value

    * configured at install-time - property value is specified in the field using the deployment configuration tool and doesn't change during run-time
    * download - property value is specified in the downloaded configuration and doesn't change during run-time
    * a constant - property value is predefined and cannot be changed
    * variable - property value is changed during run-time in response to BACnet service requests and/or microprocessor serial messages

  • The following are included in the  EasyBAC SDK

    - Virtual Object Creator Software
      This requires Microsoft.NET v1.1 run-time environment. If this is not found on your PC,  the Setup Wizard will prompt you to download and  install it from a Microsoft site.

    - BACnet Explorer Software
      This will help you discover your BACnet/IP device and help troubleshoot.

    - TWO * EasyBAC Modules
      You can use these to design your circuit board so this module connects to the serial port of your host microprocessor.

    120VAC at under 1W, DC at 12VDC at 12W
    Operating temperatures: 0 to 40C
    Storage temperature: -20 to 80C
    Relative Humidity: 10-95% non condensing
    Physical protection: IP30 DIN EN 60529 (VDE 0470) (no entry of 2.5mm probe, NOT waterproof)
    System LED: power as labelled  ON=OK

    IEEE 802.3 10/100 Mbps
    10BaseT, 100BaseT, RJ45 connectors
    Half/Full duplex
    100m (max) CAT5 cable length.
    LEDs: link and activity as labelled.

  • Enable BACnet Workstation control of Lights

    The “EasyBAC” system allows a simplified way of to offer BACnet integration.

    Lighting companies have found that they can expand their applications by offering BACnet integration in commercial buildings.  These typically involve offering a BACnet/IP connection so that an HVAC Workstation can control light on/off and dimmer values based on building occupancy or energy saving schedules.

    Software developers found that they saved significant time programming to the EasyBAC protocol instead of trying to master the BACnet requirements.  While the control of lighting can be very complex, the binary and analog nature of the commands needed are a perfect fit for EasyBAC's six command API.  The more complex features of BACnet such as object discovery and error handling are completely handled by the EasyBAC module or interface.

    BACnet EasyBAC API development OEM solutions

    Fume Hoods easily integrated into BACnet

    The Cimetrics “EasyBAC” technology has been used by several customers to integrate fume hoods into a centrally controlled HVAC system.  This was able to be done with a minimum of additional programming by the Fume Hood manufacturer, and used an existing serial port to connect to the Cimetrics EasyBAC interface.

    Connectivity to the HVAC system was via BACnet/IP using the Cimetrics "industry standard" BACstac protocol stack.  This protocol stack takes care of all of the main "house keeping" functions of BACnet including packet framing, ASN encoding, discovery services, virtual objects, meta-data handling, error handling, and more.  Integration programmers are NOT forced to learn all of the details of the BACnet protocol, and are able to concentrate on the value-add features of the product itself.

    BACnet for industrial, medical, pharmaceutical, software development - BACstac