B6030 - BACnet interface to energy meters

by Svetlana Lyons May 02, 2013

Cimetrics is excited to announce our product, the B6030 - BACnet Interface to Modbus Energy Meters. Most facilities which have a BACnet Building Automation System also have a large number of Modbus meters which need to be attached to the BACnet system. A B6030 can be used to accomplish this goal. A B6030 acts as a Modbus to BACnet interface - taking Modbus register data and exposing it to BACnet.

There is no need to spend time picking and choosing registers to expose on each meter; the B6030 already has templates for more than 45 meters - templates where all important Modbus registers are mapped to BACnet objects. All BACnet objects are meaningfully named and standardized (units, functions) for easier reading and integration into Building Automation Systems

  • Professional BACnet/IP connectivity
  • Interfaces to 4 Steam, BTU, or Electrical meters
  • Extremely easy system installation
  • Add to existing Building Automation Systems
  • Informative naming convention with device model and definition
  • Easy browser setup (built-in web server)
  • Standard RS485 three wire connection
  • Deploy proven default settings
  • Supports Foreign Device feature to connect to multiple foreign Networks


The "E+ series" enables innovative applications together with existing Building Automation Systems which allow the user to offer solutions which save money and improve building comfort. Meter data exposed to the BACnet network includes Power, Energy, Demand, MaxDemand, Power_Factor, Flow, Consumption, and more. Current, Voltage, and Phase are also represented if this is supported by the meter.

Permanently available meter templates can be selected during the setup procedure using a drop down menu.

BACnet details:

  • Conforms to BACnet 2008 (ISO standard 16484-5)
  • Raw counts and scaled values = analog objects
  • Times = binary objects;


B6030 User Manuals, Data Sheet


  • Adapter Input Voltage - 105 to 117 VAC @ 10W ;
  • Input Voltage - 9 VDC @ 1A ;
  • Operating Temperature - 7 to 40º C;
  • Dimensions - 5.0 x 5.9 x 1.2 inches ;
  • Connections - Ethernet RJ45, modular screw terminal, DC power


One year of telephone and email support


B6030 - B/IP - 4ch Energy Meter Interface 
B6099 - wall bracket kit

Svetlana Lyons
Svetlana Lyons


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