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Cybersecurity Recap January 2021

Cybersecurity Recap January 2021

January 26, 2021

Curated cybersecurity news

summary for facility management professional, building owners and IT professionals who are interested in building security and Facility IT.


What is new in this month of this year in Cybersecurity?

Establish Cyber Resilience to Protect Your Smart Buildings from Threats webinar

BACnet/SC: A Game Changer for the Building Automation Industry - 
Free Webinar Organized by Siemens with guest speakers from Cimetrics James Butler and James Lee. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2021
12:00PM ET / 11:00AM CST / 10:00AM MT / 9:00AM PT
Cybersecurity is a moving target. What is safe and secure today may not be tomorrow. This is especially true for building technologies. Today’s building market trends, such IoT, cloud connection and IT/OT network convergence, put the need for cybersecurity front and center. No longer just the concern of IT professionals, cyber threats can impact anyone in the building automation industry. The question how cybersecurity can be best addressed is critical. For those who own, operate or design smart buildings, a new technology is being created and standardized. In our free webinar, experts will explain BACnet/SC from a technical aspect and tell you why it is a game changer for the building automation industry! Learn more in register here

Now patched, Windows and Android users were being exploited through watering hole attacks. Learn More

Top 20 Predictions Of How AI Is Going To Improve Cybersecurity In 2021

Bottom Line: In 2021, cybersecurity vendors will accelerate AI and machine learning app development to combine human and machine insights so they can out-innovate attackers intent on escalating an AI-based arms race.

What 20 Leading Cybersecurity Experts Are Predicting For 2021? Learn More

Former UK Cybersecurity Chief Says Laws Are Needed to Stop Ransomware Payouts

The U.K.’s former cybersecurity chief said companies paying hackers to recover from ransomware attacks are funding organized crime, and new laws may be needed to stop the practice. Learn More

Cybersecurity investments will increase up to 10% in 2021

A Canalys forecast predicts cybersecurity investments will increase 10% worldwide in the best-case scenario in 2021. Information security will remain a high priority this year, as the range of threats broadens and new vulnerabilities emerge, while the frequency of attacks is unlikely to subside. Read More

Apple says iOS 14.4 fixes three security bugs 'actively exploited' by hackers

Apple has released iOS 14.4 with security fixes for three vulnerabilities, said to be under active attack by hackers.

The technology giant said in its security update pages for iOS and iPadOS 14.4 that the three bugs affecting iPhones and iPads “may have been actively exploited.” Details of the vulnerabilities are scarce, and an Apple spokesperson declined to comment beyond what’s in the advisory. Read More

Zero trust: A solution to many cybersecurity problems

The SolarWinds hack and the never-ending stream of revelations about the attackers’ toolstechniques and other targets has been occupying the minds of CISOs and organization’s cyber defenders since mid-December. Here are some suggestions about.

Implementing a zero trust security model across their enterprise is essential to better protect their data, their reputation, and their mission against all types of attackers. Read More

CISOs of small and medium enterprises need to rethink cybersecurity strategy

The "2021 CISO Survey of Small Cyber Security Teams," survey from Cynet finds that companies with small security teams, generally SMEs, are facing a number of unique challenges, placing these organizations at greater risk than their larger enterprise counterparts. These enhanced risks are moving 100% of these companies to outsource at least some aspects of security threat mitigation in order to safeguard IT assets. Read More

The Biden Administration’s Cybersecurity Opportunity And Obligation

The 2020 Covid-19 pandemic and recent presidential election turmoil notwithstanding, cybersecurity remains one of the most non-political, bi-partisan challenges facing our nation in 2021. It doesn’t matter if you are a government organization or a private sector company, a non-profit or a for-profit, a Fortune 500 or an unfortunate 5000, everyone is being challenged daily to deal with the zealous barrage of cybersecurity attacks on governments, businesses, and individuals. The recent SolarWinds security incident is just the latest example aggravating an incredibly complex landscape but rest assured, there will be others. Read More

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