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Cimetrics IoT to Modbus Interfaces is on IoT market

Cimetrics IoT to Modbus Interfaces is on IoT market

November 19, 2015

We are officially on ThingWorx marketplace - one of the largest IoT platforms!

Imagine that you can bring your Modbus devices/meters into an IoT Ecosystem. Imagine you can build and run the applications of smart, connected Modbus devices/meters. Now you can do that with a new Iot (Internet of Things) to Modbus device which can bring your Modbus automation devices data  to the Internet of Things! You can also design ThingWorx connection into your product, easily and at a reasonable cost with our OEM module. We can also put this module into your own device, customize it for your needs.

Our T6130 has the following features:

  1. Naming convention with device model and definitions
  2. User choice of registers for mapping and templates
  3. Easy browser setup (built-in web server)
  4. Standard RS485 three wire connection
  5. Simultaneous session access to Modbus and Web data, setup and diagnostics

Modbus Template creator tool makes template creation a breeze; sample templates included
In addition to the available sample meter templates, which can be selected using the Modbus Template creator setup procedure using a drop down menu, the user can create a new template at will, and then load it to T6130. It is a mapping free and well-modeled template product. Create templates with the tool - load them into the device.

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