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BACnet Protocol Stack V7.3 now with IPv6 support

December 23, 2019

Cimetrics now has a new version of the BACnet protocol stack: BACstac 7.3 with IPv6 support. The Cimetrics BACstac saves man-years of development when your company needs to create a BACnet solution!

BACstac software was the first third-party BACnet implementation in the industry and is now the leading third-party BACnet protocol stack used by many major brands in the HVAC and lighting controls industries worldwide. We have been developing BACnet Stack BACstac for more than 20 years and helped customers all over the world to implement BACnet in their products. Cimetrics has been a significant contributor to the design of the BACnet network protocol (ASHRAE Standard 135) and the BACnet test standard (ASHRAE Standard 135.1). In 2000, Mr. Butler, Cimetrics CTO, established the BACnet Testing Laboratories for the BACnet Manufacturers Association (now BACnet International) and managed its product testing program for six years. So as you can see, we know BACnet as nobody else and know how much work it takes to implement.

Our software team has created a set of BACnet libraries which greatly simplifies the task of interfacing to BACnet. Even the largest companies in the HVAC industry use our code because it is a very complex and time-consuming task keeping up with the ongoing changes that are taking place in the BACnet committees. For example, many hundreds of protocol modifications, requirements, and enhancements have taken place in just the past year. By keeping track of those and implementing changes we typically save man-years of software development time EVERY YEAR!

The BACstac products include over 30 full programs that you can use to speed development. You can compile and run these programs and use them as test utilities. Most of the stack is written on portable C which makes porting to different platforms easier. We have versions ported for Windows, Linux Embedded devices (* supported platforms depend on Product).

- One BACnet device in the BACstac database can contain thousands of BACnet objects.
- A BACstac gateway application can emulate thousands of BACnet devices.
- A BACstac-based client application can poll over 10,000 BACnet devices in parallel.

Check out the different versions of BACstac Cimetrics offers.*

*The features of BACstac 7.3 differ from the features of uBACstac (B1150) and BACstac/DN (B1070, B1080).

BACstac Comparison Chart

What is new in BACstac 7.3:

  • BACstac 7.3 supports all required functionality of BACnet 2016 (protocol revision 19) for all BACnet profiles: B-XAWS, B-AWS, B-OWS, B-OD, B-ALSWS, B-LSWS, B-LSAP, B-AACWS, B-ACWS, B-ACSD, B-BC, B-AAC, B-ASC, B-SA, B-SS, B-ALSC, B-LSC, B-AACC, B-ACC, B-RTR, B-GW, B-BBMD, B-ACDC, and B-ACCR.
  • Support of IPv6 (ANNEX U)
  • MSTP for BACstac for Linux and BACstac/32
  • Most optional functionality of BACnet 2016 is also supported with the following exceptions:
    - Network Security (Chapter 24).
    - Extended MS/TP Frames (Addendum 135-2012an). 
    - Virtual Terminal services. 
    - Slave Proxy functionality.


  • B1050 BACstac for Projects (32-bit libraries): Low-cost Microsoft Windows version of the BACstac designed for low-volume applications. Supports Microsoft Windows 7 and later. Requires purchase of hardware dongle from Cimetrics for each installation. Includes Windows DLLs. Also available: B1055 BACstac for Projects (64-bit libraries).
  • B1060 BACstac/Win(32-bit libraries): Supports Microsoft Windows 7 and later. Designed for the development of BACnet client and server applications and BACnet gateways. Includes static libraries for Microsoft Visual C++. Also available: B1065 BACstac/Win (64-bit libraries)
  • B1091 BACstac/Win with source code (32/64): Supports Microsoft Windows 7 and later. Designed for the development of sophisticated BACnet clients, servers, and gateways. Includes BACnet routing functionality. Includes complete source code written in C. Libraries for native 32- and 64-bit applications.
  • B1140 BACstac/32: Source code version designed for porting to 32-bit embedded platforms with limited resources. Monolithic build (application and BACstac code are compiled together). GNU/Linux is supported. Includes complete source code written in C.
  • BACstac for Linux - This is a BACnet protocol stack designed for the creation of BACnet-compliant applications, a wide range of BACnet devices on a vast variety of hardware platforms, from supercomputers to embedded and single-board systems. It supports BACnet routing functionality, BACnet MS/TP and the creation of multi-device gateways.

Installation Guide, User Guide, Programmers Reference 


  • BACnet services supported: All BACnet Standard 2016 application services except Virtual Terminal Services
  • BACnet object types supported: BACstac v7.3 supports all BACnet 2016 object types: The full list of supported object types: Analog Input, Analog Output, Analog Value, Averaging, Binary Input, Binary Output, Binary Value, Calendar, Command, Device, Event Enrollment, File, Group, Life Safety Point, Life Safety Zone, Loop, Multi-state Input, Multi-state Output, Multi-state Value, Notification Class, Program, Pulse Converter, Schedule, Trend Log, Access Door, Event Log, Load Control, Structured View, Trend Log Multiple, Access Point, Access Zone, Access User, Access Rights, Access Credential, Credential Data Input, CharacterString Value, DateTime Value, Large Analog Value, BitString Value, OctetString Value, Time Value, Integer Value, Positive Integer Value, Date Value, DateTime Pattern Value, Time Pattern Value, Date Pattern Value, Network Security, Global Group, Notification Forwarder, Alert Enrollment, Channel, Lighting Output, Binary Lighting Output, Network Port, Timer, Elevator Group, Lift, Escalator, Accumulator.
  • Supports BACnet/IP (including BBMD and Foreign Device), BACnet/IPv6 (including BBMD and Foreign Device). BACnet/Ethernet, Segmentation, Routing (some BACstac products), and many other features.

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