US Veterans Administration chooses Infometrics

by Jim Butler May 04, 2012


US Veterans Administration chooses Infometrics (now Analytika) Continuous Monitoring-Based Commissioning Service to reduce energy consumption at their flagship Caribbean Healthcare System Facility, San Juan, PR

Cimetrics announced today that the US Veterans Administration has deployed the Infometrics (now Analytika) continuous, monitoring-based commissioning program at its 650,000 square foot Caribbean Healthcare system facility in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The VA Caribbean Healthcare System provides for the health care needs of Veterans in the Caribbean islands, with over 10 facilities located across the USVI and Puerto Rican islands.


As a leading US agency committed to environmental responsibility, the VA has implemented advanced energy management strategies and energy-efficient building design features across their facilities portfolio. In San Juan, Infometrics was chosen to bring the hospital to the next level in containing energy costs and ensuring peak equipment performance.


Infometrics (now Analytika) is a continuous, monitoring-based commissioning program that includes 24/7/365 data collection and analysis to ensure that building systems maintain peak efficiency and comfort. Infometrics enables reduced energy consumption and carbon emissions while providing enterprise-level management information. Powered through complex fault detection and diagnostics technology, our program exposes hidden facility issues that cause waste and other serious problems.


The Infometrics client report includes:
  • A prioritized list of energy-consuming facility issues

  • Recommendations for corrective action

  • Open-book energy savings calculations (in dollars) for each issue

  • A carbon emissions calculation (in tons) for each issue

  • Ongoing monitoring/tracking of issues to confirm performance by staff or vendors

  • Newly achieved energy savings totaled each month for year-to-date savings

Here's how it works:

The Analytika Process

Infometrics benefitsinclude:
  • Persistent energy savings

  • Reduced CO2 emissions

  • Predictive maintenance

  • Improved comfort

  • Simplified facility management

The Leader in Continuous, Monitoring-Based Commissioning

Since 2000, Cimetrics has been the leading provider of continuous, monitoring-based commissioning in North America with the Infometrics service. As an owner-advocate to our clients including universities, hospitals, laboratories, mixed-use hospitality, federal, and state governments, Infometrics improves fixed asset performance and then measures energy and carbon savings for each building.

I'm concerned about...

Infometrics Reduces Energy Use, Maintenance Costs and CO2 Emissions

Clients rely on Infometrics' fault detection, diagnostic, and optimization technology to improve mechanical and operational efficiency, and to catch problems that would otherwise remain hidden. The prioritized list of energy and operational issues provided to each client enables proactive rather than reactive system maintenance, minimizing costly downtime, extending equipment life, and saving owners money on bloated service agreements.

For more information about the Infometrics program, or to receive a free Infometrics sample report, please call us 617-350-7550 or visit our website.

Karim Bibawi
Cimetrics Inc.

Jim Butler
Jim Butler


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