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May 2022 Newsletter

May 2022 Newsletter

June 02, 2022

SbC Local Network/Security Manager

SbC defines features for BACnet devices that allow them to be managed securely. The SbC Local Network/Security Manager (also known as the SbC Appliance) is an on-premise device that provides local, secure management during commissioning and operation.

Read the full White Paper on Local Network/Security Manager here.

Read the SbC Primer here. 

 Conference & Event News

Realcomm | IBcon 2022

June 15 4:00 pm - 4:45 pm EST
Join us for Realcomm | IBcon 2022 in Orlando, FL. Realcomm is the premier industry event focused on automated business solutions and state-of-the-art enterprise technologies for the commercial and corporate real estate industry. Our CEO Jim Lee will present: The Smarter Stack: A Simpler Approach to Smarter Building Operations Learn more

2022 ASHRAE Annual Conference
Wednesday, June 29 10:05 AM – 10:25 AM EDT

Our CEO James Lee is going present at one of the sessions of the ASHRAE Annual Conference in Toronto: The Importance of Fully Adopting IT Industry Technologies and Best Practices

As control and IT networks continue to converge in commercial buildings, it is vital for the BAS industry to fully adopt the technologies and best practices that IT and Cybersecurity organizations have developed over the years. Adapting to this new reality is by far the best and most efficient way to deliver secure automation systems in buildings to meet and exceed the cybersecurity demands of enterprises of tomorrow. This presentation provides the landscape of IT technologies and practices important for BAS professionals to know in order to embark on secure automation projects. Learn more here

Analytika Users Forum

Registration now open for the next Forum!
Thursday, July 21, 2022 11am – noon ET

Our session topic is:

Utilizing Building Analytics & Monitoring-based Commissioning (MBCx) for ISO500001 Energy Management. Join Cimetrics Senior Analyst Julianne Rhoads at this AEE webinar as she provides an overview of the ISO 50001 requirements, and then examine the relationship between MBCx and ISO 50001, including the benefits of early MBCx implementation, questions to ask when evaluating MBCx and AFDD options, and best practices to not only meet the goals of ISO 50001 certification, but also minimize commissioning time for contractors and change facility culture to encourage thoughtful prioritization and constant improvement.

Learn more, register, check out previous event recaps, and get notified of future events

BACnet/IP to Web Services Gateway/Firewall (B6080)

Connect BACnet/IP to Enterprise Applications with Cimetrics B6080. This product allows the integration of BACnet/IP devices into Enterprise Applications using the REST architecture  Learn more


Monday Live - Uncovering the New Normal in Smart Building 
Mondays at 3:00pm - 4:00pm EST

Check out past shows for a live weekly open conversation with industry leaders to help us get through the pandemic and prepare for a new normal in commercial buildings post-COVID.

May was all about Family Feud - the audience 
picked a pair of topics related to smarter buildings and debate their merits:

- Edge vs Cloud, IT vs OT protocols, Private vs Public Cloud, and Dedicated vs Converge networks

- Wired vs Wireless conundrum. What is better for building automation?

- Merits of Open vs Proprietary

- Pros and cons of Integration vs Interoperation

Watch all the latest talk, or register here for next Monday Live! #MondayLive


The airborne disease transmission risk and energy impact of HVAC mitigation strategies

What can be done to existing HVAC systems in order reduce the risk of airborne disease transmission in buildings? This peer-reviewed article in the May 2022 issue of the ASHRAE Journal concludes that improved air filtration is often the most energy-efficient mitigation. By contrast, increasing outdoor air ventilation is likely to be energy inefficient without energy recovery. Learn more here

Solar-powered desalination device wins MIT $100K competition

Nona Desalination is developing a compact water-desalination device that requires less electricity than a cell phone charger. Learn more

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