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N1 March Newsletter - New BACnet Explorer, Globalcon, BACnet User Group...

N1 March Newsletter - New BACnet Explorer, Globalcon, BACnet User Group...

March 21, 2018

New BACnet Explorer -Troubleshoot MS/TP network - Globalcon - BACnet User Group - New Deal for Buildings 

Introducing the New Cimetrics BACnet Explorer

Cimetrics BACnet ExplorerFor many years, the free Cimetrics BACnet Explorer has been used by facility managers, system integrators and other BACnet users to troubleshoot BACnet installations and easily explore BACnet networks. As part of the upgrade to version 5 of the Explorer, we have added fantastic new features, including ability to read Schedule objects, supporting new object types and MS/TP support. Our premium version has an option to save to a csv file with extensive filtering options, save a network to an xml file and restore from this file. Learn more

BACnet latest news

A new market research study indicates BACnet’s global market share has continued to rise over the last five years and now exceeds 60%. Read More 

How to - Troubleshoot MS/TP networks. 

Troubleshoot MSTP networks6 reasons for communication troubles. Here are some suggestions from our MS/TP experts why you can’t see some devices on a MS/TP network and what to do about it. Read More

BACnet User Group meeting in New England area

BACnet User Group New England

If you are in the New England area please join our BACnet User Group meeting on April 12, 2018 at Schneider Electric in Andover MA. Learn more

The purpose of the BACnet User Group is to bring together the local BACnet user community twice a year to share tips, techniques and pains on the use of the BACnet products. Register for free

Visit us at Globalcon Booth 605

Globalcon Cimetrics boothCimetrics product solutions will be at GLOBALCON 2018 Booth 605, presented by the Association of Energy Engineers. Come and take a look at the latest BACnet products and tools and see a demo of our Analytika offering - how it can save energy and provide tenant comfort for your building.

What's new with the New Deal for Buildings




What your Building Isn't Telling You
In our analytical services business, we frequently find significant problems in commercial and industrial building HVAC systems that have probably gone unnoticed for some time. Many of these problems have resulted in wasted energy and other problems that can affect system reliability, performance and efficiency. Building automation systems are capable of reporting certain simple fault conditions to building operators or building occupants, but these systems are generally unable to detect or diagnose many important faults that are more complex. Why is this the case? There are two primary reasons Read More 

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