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July 2021 Newsletter

July 2021 Newsletter

July 31, 2021

Energy Management Analytics: The Increasing Importance of Data Analytics in a Virtual World
Energy Management Analytics: The Increasing Importance of Data Analytics in a Virtual World
 Cimetrics Senior Analyst Julianne Rhoads will be presenting at the I2SL Annual Conference, the preeminent conference on sustainable laboratories, this September in Atlanta. What is data analytics and why is it now more important than ever? Using industry-wide metrics and examples from laboratory facilities that have employed data analytics through remote monitoring, commissioning, and measurement and verification (M&V), this presentation will cover important considerations when evaluating analytics solutions, discuss challenges of configuring an automated building analytics system, and identify biases that exist in analytics and the building industry. We hope to see you there! Learn more and register
Bacnet Stack for small platforms
Product Spotlight: uBACstac - BACnet Protocol Stack for small devices
This is a BACnet protocol stack designed for the development of low and high-volume BACnet-compliant devices with or without OS. It allows simple, easy and quick porting on new hardware. You can make a device with B-AAC profile and more. Learn more

Global Pharmaceutical saves $233,000 in annual energy costs while improving sustainability with analytics
Global Pharmaceutical saves $233,000 in annual energy costs while improving sustainability

Check out this Analytika case study highlighting our work with a global pharmaceutical company to help them realize their emission reduction targets through short-term and long-term energy efficiency projects and operational improvements, incorporating energy efficient design into new buildings and renovations, and implementing renewable energy projects. Learn more
The Case for Circular Economy in Campus Facilities and Procurement
The Case for Circular Economy in Campus Facilities and Procurement

Analytika by Cimetrics has been helping our clients in the Higher Education sector extend equipment life and support lifecycle management for over 20 years.
"Universities can save money by ensuring that procurement decisions within facilities and across all functions on the campus consider the entire life cycle of products, services, or projects. Circular procurement focuses on long-term opportunities and on developing a lasting relationship with the market.". 
Read more about the benefits of a circular economy in Higher Ed

Monday Live - Uncovering the New Normal in Smart Building 
Mondays at 3:00pm - 4:00pm EST

Check out past shows for a live weekly open conversation with industry leaders to help us get through the pandemic and prepare for a new normal in commercial buildings post-COVID.

The Monday Live! theme for July was Delivering Smarter Buildings. Discussions included:
- Adoption of analytics for smarter buildings featuring Cimetrics CEO James Lee 

- Smarter Stack, an important tool for smarter buildings
- Current industry dynamics toward smarter buildings
- Industry Dynamics: investments, partnerships, and M&A

Watch all the latest talk, or register here for next Monday Live! 

Cybersecurity digest July 2021
Cybersecurity July News
 How to survive a cybersecurity attack, Can smart buildings outsmart hackers?, The 25 most dangerous software vulnerabilities to watch out for, Ransomware attack hits software manager, affecting 200 companies, Lawmakers advance cyber legislation and more...

It’s time to get excited about boring AI

In this not-actually-boring article from PwC, the authors discuss the process of AI-enabled document information extraction, and how - when combined with human domain-knowledge and oversight - it saves time, money, and improves upon either entity working solo. Read More

Analytika user Forum
Analytika Users Forum
Learn how to get the most out of Cimetrics Analytika to create safe, reliable, energy-efficient buildings

In this bi-monthly forum, Cimetrics experts and Analytika client power users demonstrate best practices, highlight successes, and provide guidance on resolving challenges. The discussion is followed by “Fun with Graphs!” and Q&A segments to answer any questions you have about Cimetrics Analytika.
Do you have a unique use case, experience, or challenge you would like to share? Let us know!

Year 2 of the Analytika Users Forum kicks off in September, sign up now for the next session announcement 

Simulation Versus Reality

Simulation Versus Reality

This article emphasizes the need for buildings to have a good envelope (walls, windows, etc.) when constructed. Major changes to a building envelope are uncommon over building's lifetime. "Good envelopes can reliably save energy for generations, whereas poor envelopes become a climate liability." Read more

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