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January, 2019 newsletter - Secured by Cimetrics™ framework - Cybersecurity Summit - BACstac for embedded platforms and more…

January, 2019 newsletter - Secured by Cimetrics™ framework - Cybersecurity Summit - BACstac for embedded platforms and more…

January 29, 2019

Cimetrics Announces Secured by Cimetrics™ Cybersecurity Framework

Secured by Cimetrics is a comprehensive framework designed to address BAS (Building Automation System) cybersecurity threats in the age of the Internet of Things (IoT).

As the number of IoT devices and systems increase significantly in the coming years, BAS vendors, system integrators, facility managers and building owners have become more conscious of the risks posed by cybersecurity attacks.

As a leading provider of BAS connectivity solutions for almost 30 years, Cimetrics is well positioned to understand and address the needs of BAS industry players, which, when combined with Cimetrics’ extensive experience serving IT departments, provides a unique set of technologies, best practices, and resources to bridge these two worlds. Learn More

Cybersecurity Summit at AHR Expo 2019

The New Deal for Buildings hosted a Cybersecurity Summit at the AHR Expo 2019 in Atlanta on January 14, 2019.

The Summit brought together industry thought leaders to review the current status of cybersecurity in the BAS industry, discussed the impending release of BACnet/SC and other initiatives, and formulated an appropriate posture for the BAS industry in the security-conscious IT space.

Analytics for your building

Check out the presentation from our Senior Analysts – Lisa Zagura and Julianne Rhoads: “BE A BTU HUNTER: How Big Data Analytics Can Achieve Energy and O&M Savings While Improving Productivity, Comfort, and Sustainability at Laboratory Facilities”.

Fault detection and root cause analysis of big data provide a strategic approach to energy savings at high-performance healthcare, pharmaceutical, and university laboratory buildings. Insidious HVAC faults are often superseded by reactive maintenance. By analyzing building data, large scale operational issues can be mitigated, and persistent alarms can be minimized. The economic impact associated with these issues can be used to quantify building performance improvement potential.

In memoriam: John Biagiotti (1945-2019)

Product SpotlightProduct Spotlight

BACstac/32 for embedded systems
BACstac for embedded systemsBACstac for embedded systemsBACstac/32 is a BACnet protocol stack, a BACnet development kit designed for the creation of BACnet-compliant applications that run on 32-bit and 64-bit embedded platforms. Complete C-language source code is included.

The new version includes a port to STM32F7 (ARM Cortex M7 running FreeRTOS and LWIP) and an improved MS/TP implementation. Support for new profiles: B-AWS, B-RTR, B-GW, B-BBMD, B-GENERAL. This release adds the following addenda: 2012aw, 2012ay, 2012bg, 2012bh and support of Network Security and Timer object. Learn More

What is New Deal for Buildings

Building Controls Cybersecurity — How to Eat the Elephant



While more than 80% of all building automation systems are connected to the Internet, more than 3/4 of real estate organizations don’t have any type of building cybersecurity plan. With millions of connected controls systems in every real estate segment including commercial, corporate, campus, government, and others it is hard to imagine that this is not a priority for all senior executives. Read More

Lower global warming potential (GWP) refrigeration and air conditioning innovation award

ASHRAE and UN Environment launch award to promote innovative design, research & practice by recognizing technological concepts to minimize global warming potential (GWP) through refrigeration & air-conditioning management. Read More

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