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December, 2018 newsletter - Cybersecurity portal, New Deal for Buildings, Securing BACnet

December, 2018 newsletter - Cybersecurity portal, New Deal for Buildings, Securing BACnet

December 19, 2018


Cybersecurity News for Smart Buildings, Facility IT, and Facility Management Professionals. This is a free online service focused on gathering and presenting news on technologies, methodologies, and business issues related to cybersecurity in the built environments.


Analytics for your building

Our new case study how a hospital saves over a million dollars in annual energy costs while improving comfort, sustainability, and social responsibility in the community with Analytika service. Read More

BACnet news: BACnet/SC

With the increased likelihood of cyber attacks on critical infrastructure, including buildings, it is increasingly important to secure automation networks. BACnet/SC provides the means to create secure communications connections between BA devices both across the cloud, and within facilities.

Jim Butler - our CTO and a BACnet IT Working Group convener will explain in this video what BACnet Secure Connect Is. You can also download his slidedeck here.

Product Spotlight
BACnet/IP to 4 pulse meters

B6070 - BACnet to Pulse meters interfaceNow it's easier than ever to reliably convert data from pulse meters to BACnet.

Cimetrics updated B6070 BACnet/IP to 4 Utility Meters interface is enclosed in a new DIN case that can be mounted standalone or on a DIN rail. Learn More

AHR Expo - January 14 - 16
A breakfast meeting to discuss BAS cybersecurity

Planning to go to AHR Expo next month? Join us for the Cybersecurity Summit at the Expo - The New Deal for Buildings is hosting a Cybersecurity Summit at the AHR Expo 19 in Atlanta WGCC (Room B310) on Monday, January 14, 2019 at 7 am WGCC (Room B310).

The Summit will bring together industry thought leaders to review the current status of cybersecurity in the BAS industry, discuss the impending release of BACnet/SC and other initiatives, and formulate an appropriate posture for the BAS industry in the security-conscious IT space.

What is New Deal for Buildings

Cybersecurity and Facility IT

There isn’t a day that goes by where cybersecurity isn’t in the news lately. From data breaches at large consumer-facing companies, DoS (Denial of Service) attacks on websites, political influence hacking, stories of personal credit exploits, as well as debates of future wars fought in cyberspace. The benefits we enjoy from our digital devices come at a cost; the risk that bad actors gain access to our increasing cyber footprint, with all of the perils that are implied. Read More

Industry news

By 2025, nearly 30 percent of data generated will be real-time, IDC says.
As global connectivity grows, allowing more data to be generated and collected, a growing portion of that data will be real-time information, according to IDC. By 2025, nearly 30 percent of the so-called "global datasphere" will be real-time information, IDC says in a new white paper. Read More

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