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Cybersecurity recap January 2022

Cybersecurity recap January 2022

January 26, 2022

Curated cybersecurity news

summary for facility management professional, building owners and IT professionals who are interested in building security and Facility IT.


What is new in January, 2022 in Cybersecurity?

White House attempts to strengthen federal cybersecurity after major hacks.

The White House plans to release an ambitious strategy Wednesday to make federal agencies tighten their cybersecurity controls after a series of high-profile hacks against government and private infrastructure in the last two years, according to a copy shared with CNN. Learn More

Eight Cybersecurity Predictions To Brace For In 2022

As we kick off the new year, one certainty is that cybersecurity issues are not going anywhere. Let's look at some cybersecurity predictions for the coming year that you need to prepare for based on recent trends. Read more

The National Institute of Standards and Technology issued its newest and final copy of guidance for organizations to assess their internal security IT systems, following a draft copy and comment period. 

The document, titled “Assessing Security and Privacy Controls in Information Systems and Organizations,” focuses on helping entities manage cybersecurity risks across their individual networks. Learn More

National Science Foundation Awards $29 Million In New Cybersecurity Scholarships

The National Science Foundation is awarding $29 million to fund hundreds of scholarships at eight universities that will train more cybersecurity professionals. The grants cover a five-year period and will provide $3-4 million in funding to each university.

In exchange for receiving a scholarship, students will agree to work in cybersecurity jobs for federal, state, local or tribal governments after their graduation. Learn More

White House instructs government agencies to beef up cybersecurity, adopt ‘zero trust’ in new memo

The White House released a new cybersecurity strategy Wednesday aimed at reducing the risk of cyberattacks against government infrastructure.

The strategy outlines the administration’s vision for moving government agencies towards a “zero trust” architecture — a cybersecurity model where users and devices are only given permissions to access network resources necessary for the task at hand and are authenticated on a case-by-case basis. Read More

Cybersecurity: 11 steps to take as threat levels increase

The UK's security agency has told organizations of the steps to take to beef up their defenses "when the cyber threat is heightened" by zero-day software flaws or geopolitical tensionsRead More

22 cybersecurity myths organizations need to stop believing in 2022

Security teams trying to defend their organizations need to adapt quickly to new challenges. Yesterday’s buzzwords and best practices have become today’s myths.

Security experts weigh in the 22 cybersecurity myths that we finally need to retire in 2022.  Read More

3 Steps To Get Your Business Cybersecurity-Ready In 2022

With a new year upon us, here are three steps businesses should take now to mitigate cybersecurity risks and prepare for 2022. Read More

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