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Cybersecurity News March 2022

Cybersecurity News March 2022

March 29, 2022

Curated cybersecurity news

summary for facility management professional, building owners and IT professionals who are interested in building security and Facility IT.


What is new in March, 2022 in Cybersecurity?

Five Top Cybersecurity Trends To Keep An Eye On In 2022

Countless scams, security breaches, frauds and data leakages happened last year, and the trends indicate they'll keep happening in 2022. In fact, the results of a study by PwC show companies' growing concern regarding information security and that 69% of organizations predict they'll increase their investments in cybersecurity in 2022. Learn More

6 Takeaways On Cybersecurity Policy from the President’s FY 2023 Budget

President Joe Biden is stressing a commitment to cybersecurity with his fiscal year 2023 budget. So Nextgov zoomed in to see what specifics we could glean, apart from an 11% increase across the board for non-defense agencies’ cybersecurity spending. Here, in no particular order, are a few other clear takeawaysRead more

Lawmakers in the United States have proposed a new bill, which aims to enhance the cybersecurity of America's healthcare and public health (HPH) sectorLearn More

Four Steps To Get Started With A 'Bottom-Up' Cybersecurity Approach

Here are a few ways that organizations can encourage bottom-up adoption of securityLearn More

Friend and foe: The little-known pact at the heart of cybersecurity

The cybersecurity industry is founded upon two types of competition: that between security vendors and cybercriminal adversaries, and that between the vendors themselves.

What’s unusual about the situation is the way in which these two battlegrounds are connected; to prevent threat actors from infecting devices with malware and infiltrating business networks, cybersecurity vendors often have to establish a temporary truce. Read More

An expert shares best practices for preventing cybersecurity attacks

Charles Carmakal is a University of Florida alumnus and senior vice president and chief technology officer at Mandiant, a cybersecurity firm that works with government entities, corporations and law enforcement agencies around the world. On this episode of From Florida, Carmakal shares what organizations and individuals should do to protect themselves against cyberattacksRead More

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