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BACnet User Group May 2 in Watertown

BACnet User Group May 2 in Watertown

May 20, 2019

For more information about the event check out the BACnet User Group website. If you live in a New England area or willing to travel see you at the next user group meeting in October/November!

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There was another sucesseful BACnet User Group meeting on May 2 in Watertown, MA organized by Siemens and Cimetrics and sponsored by BACnet International.

The purpose of the BACnet User Group

to bring together the local BACnet user community on a quarterly basis to share tips and techniques, pains and joys, regarding the use of the BACnet products and technologies. The user group features BACnet experts from Cimetrics, Siemens and Schneider Electric.

These meetings are especially useful for the end users who have BACnet systems - facility managers, building managers. You can get free knowledge on BACnet to help you better manage the systems. 

Always looking for the presenters for our next meeting. If you are interested please express interest on the forum.

Bring your burning BACnet questions, share your BACnet user experience with us, and meet like-minded individuals. Here is an interview with an organizer to find out more.

At this meeting we had two presenters:

Alex Schoonveld - Senior Engineer at FMC Technologies Inc., Owner Building Systems LLC.

"A look at BACnet on the public internet."

- Alex had an ongoing project tracking the BACnet systems on the public internet since July 2018. He will talk about why this is a bad idea, who is currently scanning for these systems, how many are exposed and what he has seen on his own honeypot.

Alex started in the commercial controls industry as an installer in 1997. Over the years he moved to managing installations to project management. He has implemented all aspects of a project from beginning to end, including design, programming, startup and customer training. Currently, he has been overseeing a multi-year renovation of a large research facility while developing in-house standards and training programs for FMC Technologies Inc.

During his time in controls, he has designed and programmed systems for atriums to Zamboni surfaces across North America.

ASHRAE member, certified with multiple control systems and owner of Building Systems LLC.

Watch Alex's presentation you youtube

See his slide deck here:
And the second speakers were:

Dave Gallagher and George West from Albireo Energy 

"Utilizing BACnet As The Integration Platform for Connecting HVAC Controls to a SCADA system"

Albireo Energy has been deeply focused on providing HVAC controls in validated manufacturing and research facilities. Customers in these environments like to use SCADA systems both for process automation and HVAC automation and monitoring. In order to help these customers achieve their goal of leveraging their SCADA system HMI, while managing the total system costs, Albireo Energy has developed deep expertise in using BACnet to seamlessly combine these two types of systems. Dave Gallagher and George West from Albireo Energy will share the obstacles that they had to overcome as well as the benefits that this approach presents.

Watch their presentation on youtube. 

For more information about the event check out the BACnet User Group website. If you live in a New England area or willing to travel see you at the next user group meeting in October/November! 

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