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Cimetrics C.O.O. Mary Ellen Cantabene Joins The Boston Club

January 17, 2012

Jim Lee, Chief Executive Officer of Cimetrics, is pleased to announce the induction of Mary Ellen Cantabene, Chief Operating Officer of Cimetrics, into the Boston Club.  The Boston Club is one of the largest communities of women executives and professional leaders in the Northeast.

Mary Ellen's years of leadership in business, service to her community, and dedication to the advancement of women created an impressive application for her admission into The Boston Club.

Prior to her seven years as C.O.O. of Cimetrics, Mary Ellen held the positions of Vice President of Energy Management for Amerada Hess and Executive Vice President of Energy Management and Risk for Statoil Energy. Statoil Energy partnered with Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies (e.g. Bristol Meyers, Corning Inc., Gannett Corporation) to develop and implement strategic energy plans for their companies. Earlier in her career, Mary Ellen founded H2O Matrix, a $22 million water conservation and management company.

Mary Ellen is looking forward to working with the members of The Boston Club to further their mission of impelling women into leadership positions.  She states, "I feel honored to be part of an organization with the core belief that more women in significant leadership roles means better business performance and strengthened economic health in our communities." 

Cimetrics congratulates Mary Ellen on this impressive achievement.

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