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Press Release: SbC BACstac 7.5 with BACnet/SC support

Press Release: SbC BACstac 7.5 with BACnet/SC support

September 28, 2021

Press Release: SbC BACstac 7.5 with BACnet/SC support

September 30, 2021 - Boston, MA
Secured By Cimetrics

Cimetrics is today announcing the release of the first product of the much anticipated Secured by Cimetrics™ line (SbC), to bring holistic cybersecurity to BACnet systems.

BACstacTM release 7.5 brings critical security features to enable OEM vendors to start implementing secure BACnet products today that adhere to the new BACnet Secure Connect (BACnet/SC) data link standard while preparing for Managed BACnet framework in the future. BACstacTM, the industry-leading BACnet protocol stack, is used by many of OEM vendors globally.

The Secured by Cimetrics vision is to enable BACnet-based BAS systems to be interoperable, secure, and easy to install while providing both BAS and IT professionals with the tools and products they need to guard against cyber attacks. Developed in collaboration with leading industry players, this initiative is now branded as Managed BACnet (see and provides the BAS industry a path to implement IT standards, technologies, and best practices in order to fully manage BACnet systems as part of today’s secure IT infrastructure.

BACstacTM 7.5 is a major release for Cimetrics and the industry”, said Jim Lee, President and co-founder of Cimetrics, Inc. Lee continues “We are humbled by the support from industry to our cybersecurity vision, and very much looking forward to continuing helping OEMs, engineers, and installers develop and deploy the best security solutions today and in the future”.

Release 7.5 of the popular BACstacTM provides the following benefits to BACnet developers:

  • Implementation of BACnet/SC data link
  • Implementation of BACnet 2016 (rev 19)
  • Be ready to support future functionality and standards for Managed BACnet
  • Additional information about BACstac functionality is available below

BACstacTM release 7.5 is available now from

Cimetrics, Inc.
376 Washington St Ste 104
Malden, MA 02148-1370


BACstac Comparison Chart

Download BACstac Comparison Chart

BACstac 7.5 Feature list:

  • Added support of the BACnet/SC data link.
  • All required functionality of BACnet 2016 (protocol revision 19).
  • Most optional functionality of BACnet 2016 is also supported with the following exceptions:
    • Network Security (Chapter 24).
    • Virtual Terminal services (Chapter 17).
    •  Slave Proxy functionality (DM-SP-B).
    •  BACnet/WS
  • The minimum supported version of Visual Studio is increased to 2013.
  • Supports following profiles: B-XAWS, B-AWS, B-OWS, B-OD, B-ALSWS, B-LSWS, B-LSAP, B-AACWS, B-ACWS, B-ACSD, B-BC, B-AAC, B-ASC, B-SA, B-SS, B-ALSC, B-LSC, B-AACC, B-ACC, B-RTR, B-GW, B-BBMD, B-ACDC, and B-ACCR.
  • This release has added a simplified configuration of B/IP and B/IPv6 with BDT
  • The documentation provided: User's Guide, Porting Guide, and Programmers Reference
  • BACnet/IPv6

Learn more about BACnet/SC

Cybersecurity solutions cannot be a self-serving or an isolated approach, they have to be part of a Holistic solution. One key component is BACnet Secure Connect (BACnet/SC) - a secure alternative to BACnet/IP data link for today and the future. Here Cimetrics CTO Jim Butler explains the basics of BACnet/SC.

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