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CyberSecurity Recap November 2019

CyberSecurity Recap November 2019

November 21, 2019

Curated cybersecurity news

summary for facility management professional, building owners and IT professionals who are interested in building security and Facility IT.


What BACnet/SC can do to improve BAS cybersecurity, and what it won't do

Check out the video from our BACnet User Group event. Jim Butler, BACnet IT Working Group convener CTO of Cimetrics is talking about BACnet/SC and BAS Security. To learn more about BACnet User Group and subscribing for the updates visit

New Deal Cybersecurity Summit

New Deal Cybersecurity SummitFor the second year, the New Deal for Buildings is organizing a Cybersecurity Summit at AHR Expo. The event is designed to gather BAS leaders and facility practitioners to discuss and chart the way forward for the adoption of comprehensive cybersecurity policies, practices, and technologies in the BAS industry. Sponsors of this event are made up of the leading companies and organizations advocating for better cybersecurity in building automation systems. Participation at this event is free for all AHR Expo attendees.

BACnet International Journal Fall 2019

The latest issue of the BACnet International Journal has been released!
Check it out for articles on CyberSecurity, Secure Connect, Virtual Metering, ASHRAE SSPC, and other BACnet topics.

Practical Tips Leaders Can Use to Build a Culture of Cybersecurity

Where conventional wisdom says humans are the weakest link in cybersecurity, Lance Spitzner counters they are the primary attack vector.

It could well be one of the community’s own inadvertent creation too. Security professionals tend to be technical, he says, which causes the industry to focus on technical solutions while overlooking the “human side of security.” As a result, threat actors are focusing on people.

IBM Looks to Unify Cybersecurity 

IBM announced it is leveraging containers and microservices to make a suite of security software available on any platform running on-premises or in the cloud.

Justin Youngblood, vice president of product management and development for IBM Security, said Cloud Pak for Security also includes the first federated search tool for hunting for threats across multiple security tools and platforms.

CISA Small Business Cybersecurity Guide: Six Takeaways

Managing cyber risks requires building a culture of cyber readiness, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) told small organizations in its published infographic Cyber Essentials.

The project, which was developed in partnership with small businesses and state, local, tribal, and territorial governments, aims to equip organizations with basic steps and resources to improve their cybersecurity resilience. According to CISA, the steps are consistent with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and other standards and meant as a starting point to cyber readiness.

Cybersecurity Due Diligence Checklist

Regardless of industry or organization size, company leaders must guard their data fiercely from bad actors and improve their cybersecurity practices.

A shifting IT landscape makes for new and different challenges to which IT admins must respond. For example, the frequency of ransomware and DDoS attacks decreased in 2018, but losses caused by business email compromises doubled and cryptojacking incidents more than tripled, according to the Online Trust Alliance

Smart Cities seem inevitable – but how smart is the cybersecurity protecting them?

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