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The B3070 BACnet/IP to BACnet/IP router provides BACnet routing between physically separate BACnet/IP networks. This router was designed specifically to simplify the implementation of projects that have many BACnet/IP devices, such as DXR2.E and PXC3.E room automation station.


The B3070 addresses several problems that system integrators can encounter in these large BACnet/IP installations:

  • Customer’s IT department will not allocate enough IP addresses on the IT network for the BACnet/IP devices
  • Customer’s IT department will not allocate static IP addresses for BACnet devices that are directly connected to the IT network
  • Certain BACnet/IP devices should not reside on the same IP network with customer’s IT systems for technical or policy reasons
  • Third-party BACnet/IP building control devices can’t easily be configured (IP address, subnet mask) as requireds

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