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BACnet OPC Server (B2100)

  • By adding this software to your OPC compliant workstation, you can securely read from and write to BACnet properties, as well as monitor for alarms, events or Change-of-Value notifications. An easy to use interface allows self configuration and features a robust implementation of BACnet auto discovery services. Values and properties can be configured, modified, and saved before having access to the workstation or any other part of the system.

    The Discovery feature of the Cimetrics BACnet OPC Server, automatically discovers all BACnet Devices on the connected Building Automation Network and populates the Devices, Objects, properties and values. All of this happens with just one click!

    Using the Cimetrics BACnet OPC Server, you can monitor and control all the Building Automation systems like HVAC, Fire Detection, Access Control, and other related systems that are BACnet compatible.

    OPC VERIFICATION WORKSTATIONS - Iconics - Genesis32 Intellution - iFIX Wonderware - Intouch

    OPC SUPPORT - Data Access Specification 1.0 and 2.0 and Event/Alarm Specification 1.0. BACnet OPC Server does NOT support OPC UA.


    • Read Property DS-RP-A
    • Read Property Multiple DS-RPM-A
    • Write Property DS-WP-A
    • Change Of Value Notifications DS-COV-A
    • Alarm Notification AE-N-A
    • Alarm Acknowledgement AEACK-A
    • Dynamic Device Binding DM-DDB-A
    • Scheduling SCHED-A

    OPERATING SYSTEMS - Supports all editions (Home, Pro, Ultimate, Standard, Enterprise) and both 32 and 64-bit versions of the following systems: Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012R2. Windows Server 2016. 

  • Some of the main features of the Cimetrics BACnet OPC Server are:

    • Seamless integration of BACnet data and alarms into SCADA workstations
    • The Cimetrics BACnet OPC Server is a BACnet Client and OPC Server
    • Robust / mature BACnet code (BACstac )
    • Status indicators for every Object
    • Easy BACnet auto-discovery
    • Easy “one button” program load
    • Automatic polling features
    • Extensive Filters
    • User-friendly configuration for effective polling
  • Connect BACnet devices to OPC enabled applications (HMI, SCADA)

    The Cimetrics BACnet OPC Server is a BACnet client and an OPC Server. Using this application, users can discover, auto populate and monitor their Building Automation Systems with an OPC Client. The BACnet OPC Server makes it easy for HMI's and SCADA applications to communicate with the Building Automation Systems like HVAC, Security, Lighting, Access Control etc.

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Q: We have an integration project and am considering using the Cimetrics OPC server.Are you able to give an indication of max. data throughput. I am trying to gauge performance for large number so BACnet objects.What is max number of BACnet objects and type supported.

A: Hello, There are no coded limits for the number of Devices, Objects and Properties that the Cimetrics BACnet OPC Server can support. Obviously, the performance is inversely proportional to the number of properties you would be polling and the bandwidth you have available.

Q: I have a system that acts as a BACnet server sharing points in the network. Is this the correct tool that is able to read the BACnet IP points from the server and translate it to OPC for others to read?

A: There are no coded limits in the software of the OPC server. However, for effective and practical uses, we recommend that you not configure more than two thousand points.