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BACnet/IP to ARCNET Router (B3050)

  • BR2 Router – BACnet Network Router

    BR2-A BACnet Router

    The BR2-A - BACnet router provides routing between BACnet/IP, and BACnet ARCNETnetworks. This allows integrators to mix and match these two BACnet network datalink technologies within a single BACnet Internetwork. 

    The BR2 Router is enclosed in a metal case that can be mounted standalone or in a 1U rack space. The unit has one ARCNET connector and one Ethernet 10/100 RJ45 connector.

    The ARCNET connector is an industry standard BNC connectore for 93 Ohm (RG62) cable. It operates at the standard 2.5 Mbps and by default uses normal timeouts though it can be set for one of the three available ARCNET extended timeouts settings used in long cable run segments. Logically and physically 254 devices can be addressed. The ARCNET is not terminated internally to give the user flexibility in connections and topologies used.

    The Ethernet port uses a standard shielded RJ45 connector with integral LEDs. Connection status can quickly be ascertained from the Link and Activity LEDs on each interface.

    An embedded web server allows for commissioning and configuration and troubleshooting via a standard web browser. A power LED is present along with the LEDs for interface status on each interface.

    Flexible routing between:

    • BACnet/IP and ARCNET
    • BACnet Ethernet and ARCNET

    IP network support:

    • Web server for commissioning and troubleshooting
    • Status page for diagnostics
    • Secure login to web configuration and status interfaces
    • BACnet/IP Broadcast Management Device capability (BBMD) 
    • Foreign Device Support (FD)
    • BACnet Device Object support

    Standard Communications:

    • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet.
    • Industry standard ARCNET with surge protection
    • Flexible external ARCNET termination
    • Convenient Installation
    • 12 VDC at under 50W
    • Available 1U server rack mount shelf
    • Available DIN rail mounting bracket.
  • Overall Specifications:

    • Power: 12VDC at under 50W
    • Operating temperatures: 0 to 40ºC
    • Storage temperature: -20 to 80ºC
    • Relative Humidity: 10-95% non condensing


    • IEEE 802.3 10/100 MBPS
    • 10BaseT, 100BASETX phsyical. RJ45 connectors
    • Half/Full duplex
    • 100m (max) CAT5 cable length.
    • LEDs: link and activity as labelled.


    • ANSI/ASHARE 135 (ISO 16484-5)
    • 2.5 MBPS data rate
    • RG-62 93Ohm coaxial bus physical layer
    • 1200m (abs max) cable length
      (Rule of thumb: nodes x km length x termination and dielectric flaws should not exceed three)
    • LEDs: link and activity as labelled.

    Regulatory Compliance: FCC and CE marked


    • Rack mounting kit.
    • External network surge protector.
  • Manage the flow of BACnet/IP broadcast messages within a BACnet/IP network that spans multiple IP subnets


The BACnet protocol utilizes broadcast messages for certain functions, such as the discovery of BACnet devices. Also, BACnet networks and routes are discovered using broadcasts.

Internet (or TCP/IP) Routers join IP networks together so messages from one network can be sent to another. If your BACnet devices are interconnected via IP routers then BACnet/IP broadcast messages will normally be blocked by the IP router.
To solve this problem BACnet defined a device called a “BBMD” (BACnet/IP Broadcast Management Device). Cimetrics developed a stand-alone high-performance BBMD device which serves just this one purpose.
The B3060 BBMD directly forwards a BACnet broadcast message initiated by a BACnet/IP device on its subnet to other
BBMDs in accordance with its configuration. Upon arrival at a destination subnet, the message is then broadcast on that
subnet by a peer BBMD. The B3060 also works with BBMD devices from other vendors. Any BACnet device on another subnet can register with the BBMD as a Foreign Device, if that configuration option is enabled. A registered Foreign Device

  • pdf icon B3050 Data Sheet.pdf 
    pdf icon B3050 Login
    User manual. Self documenting simple web user interface.
    pdf icon B3050 Limited Warranty
    pdf icon B3050 Warnings
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