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Managed BACnet Introduction

Managed BACnet Introduction

December 07, 2020

At the AHR Expo in Orlando in January 2020, our CEO Jim Lee, launched a call to action for the BAS industry to address cybersecurity challenges in BAS. The call was to define and specify technologies and standards required to enable a holistic and IT-centric approach to cybersecurity, built on top of the recently released BACnet/SC addendum from the BACnet Committee.

Throughout 2020, BACnet and cybersecurity experts have gathered and responded to this call. The result of this body of work is to be called Managed BACnet.

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To introduce Managed BACnet to the industry, the group has produced a Managed BACnet Primer. Managed BACnet, an industry-wide and vendor-neutral solution to the cybersecurity challenge. It is designed to bridge the gap between IT and BAS, providing a framework to secure BAS networks to the requirements and best practices of IT and CISO departments who are today gatekeepers to BAS network implementations.

To download the Managed BACnet Primer, go to

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